Red Lantern Murder Mysteries

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  • Corporate Team Building
  • School PTA fund raising
  • School Crime Days
  • Golf Clubs
  • Social Events
  • in Hotels or at any venue
  • for your cause or for fun
  • will fit your catering arrangements
  • pricing dependent on size, location and complexity
  • daytime or evening
Who are we?
Red Lantern’s managing partners are Carla Quelch and Tim Hill. Carla is a professional educator, author, actor and director. Tim has a dozen years experience each of corporate training and theatre production.
Our teams consist of professional InterActors™ who perform Murder Mysteries and interact directly with attendees.
What scripts do we offer?
We can deliver any Murder Mystery, whether an existing one of our own, or a bespoke mystery to fit in with a theme or location. Our team writes and performs the script; attendees have only to solve the mystery. Example settings and scripts include: The Act of Murder - someone dies at a rehearsal, The Nineteenth Hell - murder at Southfields Golf Club, For Whom the School Bell Tolls - mayhem in a teacher’s lounge, and Death in Venice - gangsters plot in a Chicago restaurant.
How do our Murder Mysteries work?
Our Murder Mysteries fit perfectly around a two- or three-course meal and usually each table of attendees becomes an investigating team who not only watch scenes to solve the mystery but also examine clues we supply and question all the suspects. Our InterActors™ are able to stay in character and answer whatever questions are thrown at them from the floor or in individual questioning sessions at each table. Only time limits the level of interactivity.
Which actors do we use?
Our team members are chosen for the positive contribution they make. It is essential that our InterActors™ will do exactly that. Interact. They are auditioned not only for their acting ability, but their ability also to think on their feet and learn not just the script but the whole back story from their character’s perspective. Only by questioning these suspects will some facts be revealed and usually only a murderer may lie. Professional actors who are interested in auditioning should please join this Audition Announcement List.

Red Lantern is a safety-minded equal opportunities partnership which formerly formed part of and is still associated with Tight Fit Theatre.

Red Lantern, based in High Wycombe and Boston, UK
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